Make today count, you will never get it back

Just a shift in thoughts is all that’s needed to change some moments upside down. Take time to do what makes your heart beat a little too faster, what heals your soul, what brings you peace, what you know is right, what helps you grow and what makes you feel alive. Give a try on... Continue Reading →


Let difficult times make you stronger

It’s TOTALLY okay to feel down, everyone feels down time to time. It doesn’t mean you are weak. It simply means you are going through a tough state at that moment. Even if you don’t have the power to control everything that’s outside, you certainly have the power to control what’s inside you. To look... Continue Reading →

Enjoy The Little Things

Sometimes we forget to enjoy life when we get busy, working hard to achieve our dreams and taking care of responsibilities. But the truth is, you don’t really need a scheduled period of time to enjoy life. You don’t need to wait till you go to a place where you can relax or till you... Continue Reading →

Who You Should Spend Your Time With?

"The pain of leaving will be much less than the prolonged pain that comes with staying" Always remember this quote whenever you feel like staying or running back to a bond which you know is not good for your mental health. A bond which makes you question your worth. A bond where the other person... Continue Reading →

Follow these 3 rules for a better life

1. Respect others Respect can be considered as a way of treating or thinking about someone or something. Real respect we have towards another person should start from our inner self. In other words, it starts from thinking. And then that thinking is put into action by treating. We can fake respect at the same... Continue Reading →

It’s all about what’s inside

Inside? Inside is the place where you know how you really feel. Place where you know what you have really achieved. Whether you are really enjoying your existence or not. Inside, it's all about inside. Inside your heart, inside your mind. What you hold inside is what you eventually give to the outside. Hold positivity... Continue Reading →

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