There are situations in life where we have to apply and master "patience". It can be for few seconds, several minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or for years. It can be a situation where everything feels uncertain, shattered, painful, hopeless and crumbling. No matter what kind of a situation it is, with patience, we can... Continue Reading →


Don’t Rush Things That Need Time To Grow

Waiting can sometimes be painful and difficult to handle. But some things in life are worth the wait. At certain situations, you can be in a hurry, rush things and get something that is low in quality, meaning and deep connection. In simple, "something that is not what you really want." Or you can choose... Continue Reading →

The Game of “Chasing”

Human beings always find something to chase, achieve or accomplish, no matter what's there in life at any given moment. When we finally get what we've been waiting or working hard for, here we are again, wanting more of it or chasing something new. This circle of chasing never ends. As humans with a lot... Continue Reading →

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