Mental Stability And Cancellations

It’s perfectly okay and natural to feel mentally tired time to time. And on the other hand, it’s okay to cancel a commitment, take a pause from your daily routine, spend time alone and focus only on yourself in order to overcome that mental tiredness. Sometimes these cancellations are essential to balance the mental health.... Continue Reading →


When You Feel Lost

There can be days you feel really lost and days you feel so blessed. If you practice to live in the moment and develop mindfulness, it’ll be easier for you to get yourself back into track whenever you feel lost or off tracked. How much you try to set your eyes on positivity and rationality... Continue Reading →

Catholics celebrating Wesak?

One moment can change a day, one day can change a life and one life can change the world. -Buddha- Have you ever seen Wesak lanterns at a church? It happened! Catholics in Sri Lanka decorated their churches as a tribute to Buddhists who supported them when Easter attacks happened. Attacks that stole the lives... Continue Reading →

Wesak poya day

It was Wesak poya day today. Day we make Wesak lanterns and decorate our homes as a reminder of three remarkable events in lord Buddha's life. I was walking on our private road and it looked so different. A lot of beautiful lanterns along with yellow oil lamps displaying hope and gratitude. Buddhist flags and... Continue Reading →

Travel back in time to a different era

Wish we could go back. Go back in time to the past where humans were making a living only by farming. No rich. No poor. No terrorism and nuclear weapons. No modern technologies. Everyone is one big family. Everyone is equal. No mobile services. Only spending time with loved ones. No buildings. Only the green... Continue Reading →

Follow these 3 rules for a better life

1. Respect others Respect can be considered as a way of treating or thinking about someone or something. Real respect we have towards another person should start from our inner self. In other words, it starts from thinking. And then that thinking is put into action by treating. We can fake respect at the same... Continue Reading →

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