Escape The Ordinary

It is easy to practice things like kindness, forgiveness, love and consistency when we are not distracted by the outward conditions and people in life. When we are at home, alone or in a peaceful surrounding.

But the challenge in life is to have the same mindset and to live upto our standards even when we are at the middle of all the chaos and heaviness of the world.

It is at the middle of the storms that we should follow our principles of life the most. It is at the toughest situations we should be kind to another human being the most. It is when we’ve been judged that we should forgive, accept and be disciplined the most. It is when we’ve been misunderstood that we should try to understand the most. It is when the world is mindlessly running after materialistic things, that we should make sure to stay conscious and connected to the light of God (the Good) the most.

Love and blessings to all 💕

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