Path of Experience and Adventure

If you are taking a path of experiences and adventures, if you want to travel a path very few are willing to travel, if you want to go that extra mile to write an extraordinary success story, you should to be willing to face massive failures and disappointments, for they are a very important part of any success story.

What you observe , learn and develop through failures and disappointments are very much needed to get to exactly where you want to be or to somewhere even greater than what you have imagined for yourself.

These failures give you the knowledge, experience and confidence that supports you to do things in a more smarter, productive and a mature way in the future.

Mistakes and failures we make in life can be our best teachers if we choose to learn from them.

Therefore when something goes wrong next time, instead of asking “Why me?”, start telling “Try me”, and keep moving forward.

If in case nobody told you today, you are loved, you are beautiful and you matter.

5 thoughts on “Path of Experience and Adventure

  1. Very well said! Everything in our life, positive or negative is an experience that help us grow and makes us who we are!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  2. Beautiful and positive, Vihani. I found those sentiments to be true.



  3. Great post vihani! Yes.. in fact you can fail only if you accept the failure. If you don’t accept the failure, you would keep trying over and over till you finally succeed. In that case, there is no failure. All earlier attempts are just a part of the process. 🙂


  4. good post…well written


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