The Drunk Man

He was drunk and wild

Looking at her from a distance

Tried to lock his eyes with hers

Wanting to get her lost in his gaze

Night was still young and he walked passed her

Her heart whispered “oh he looks like heaven”

And it was then he stopped by

Smiled at her and got a little too close to say “hi”

His smile was dazzling

Voice was manly

Eyes were like shining stars

They talked as if they have known each other for years

When he said goodbye that night

He had her heart by his side

But little did she know

He is another nightmare that stands only for one night

Love and blessings to all 💕

20 thoughts on “The Drunk Man

    1. Thank you very much Nathprasad for reading and dropping a lovely comment 😊

      Have a wonderful day!! ♥️

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      1. Thanks a lot Vihani for following my blog too, ( I hope you really liked it, afterwards u did follow )! Have a very sweet night ! 🖤

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      2. Yes I went through your blog and several articles you have shared recently. Found them really helpful and interesting!! Looking forward to read more of them ♥️ Goodnight Nathprasad!

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  1. Everything can be so deceiving when everyone’s drinking!

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    1. That’s true my friend. Sometimes parts that come out from people when they are drunk are the deepest parts in them that they have been trying to hide from world when they are sober.

      Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day 😊

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      1. Yes, that is so true. Two of my past boyfriends were drinkers – both of them were very quiet when sober, but when drinking – the life of the party. They both also poured out their heart when drinking but could not do that when sober.

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      2. It’s so sad that some people don’t have courage to talk directly and openly when they are sober! A lot of problems in relationships can be solved if people have those difficult conversations with the partner, without just hiding things inside.


  2. That is so true! Not always people are trustworthy especially when they’re not themselves. Great poem and loved the ending 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much my dear. I’m glad you liked the ending 😊 and yes some people are not trustworthy even when they are sober!

      Have a wonderful day and happy new year ♥️ Xx

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      1. Same to you!!! ^_^

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  3. That stands only for one night. Ha. That sums up a lot of meetings. Great post!

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    1. Hello!

      Thank you for reading and taking time to drop a comment. Have a wonderful day my friend. 😊

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  4. This is awesome.. My first read and here I give the 1st comment

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    1. Wow that’s cool. Thank you very much for that “1st comment” 😊

      Have a wonderful year ahead!
      Year filled with joy, adventures and peace!
      Stay blessed my friend ♥️


      1. 🙂 Thank You wishing u the same Vihani..

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  5. Heyyy!! Amazing poem Vihani! 💜

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    1. Thanks love ♥️
      Have a wonderful weekend!! Xx


  6. does that mean people need to “down” a few to start talking?
    Enjoyed reading this. Ending was ossum
    – Savio


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