It’s Not About The “END”

Today I was reading one of the books written by Lucinda Bassett where she suggested to write about the story of reader’s past in order to deeply understand from where some insecurities and fears we face in life comes from. I started writing my story from the beginning and after several minutes recognized that I had put all my attention on describing the difficult things that occurred in my past instead of writing about the beautiful memories or the powerful ways I used in order to overcome the challenges I faced. As I started writing it I actually thought that AT THE END I will mention how I became a better version of myself and how good life is. Until that I was just writing how hard the journey was.

It is so funny that the same thing happens in our lives.

Sometimes we wait till the END to experience and enjoy the ‘happy’ part, forgetting that the happiness is not meant to be an end state.

It’s true that we can feel fulfilled and happy after accomplishing a certain goal. But the truth is that joy of reaching a goal is SHORT LIVED.

If we desperately wait till we achieve things to feel happy, then we are wasting an awful amount of time in our lives.

So what can be done?

You can inject at least one thing that makes your soul cheerful and relaxed to your daily routine. It can be something very simple as listening to a song you love or something major like going on a long distance trip. You can start by writing down several things that you really enjoy doing.

A dream is good, but without action it is DEAD.

So grab a pen and a paper right now, have a reflection and write a list of small things you enjoy doing. There can be a lot of things that you loved doing when you were young, things you forgot and stopped doing as you grow up. Bring that magic back into your life. Inject those small things to your weekly schedule. Turn them into an action plan and watch how wonderful you can make your days by mindfully selecting how and what you spend your time with.

All we have is now, don’t let any goal or a person take away your peace, dreams, skills or happiness. Nothing can really take away those things from you unless you let them. You are capable of brightening up your day and the days of those who are around you. You deserve happiness and you are a beautiful soul that can rise and shine no matter what comes your way.

It would be lovely to know those small things you enjoy doing. Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

About me, I love

  • Traveling
  • Writing
  • Listening to songs
  • Dancing
  • Workouts
  • Photography
  • A walk to get some fresh air
  • Going to the beach
  • Making notes for myself
  • Reading
  • Meditating
  • Drawing
  • Playing violin
  • Listening to podcast and watching YouTube videos of some selected channels that give me guidance, advices and encouragement I need at this stage of my life.

Love and blessings to all 💕

32 thoughts on “It’s Not About The “END”

  1. Things That I love to do:
    1. Treat myself with coffee breaks @Starbucks
    2. Sit in the backyard with my girls & their cats
    3. Go for an high intensity workout

    Enjoyed reading the post 🙂

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    1. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts Shivali! I love this list ❤️ the second one put a smile on my face, it would be so lovely to have both friends and cats in the backyard. Always keep smiling and enjoy your day my friend. Blessings 🌼


    1. Thank you very much and I’m glad you like it 🌼 It’s a simple yet a wonderful list you have! Thanks for sharing with me, I love all the four!

      Have a wonderful day ❤️

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      1. Thanks a lot Vihani for checking out 🙂

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      2. You’re very welcome 💕


  2. Excellent advice!!!! Life is too short!

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    1. Thank you very much and I’m glad you liked it 🌼 yes, life is too short to keep worrying and to miss the opportunities that we can use to add some good cheer to our days!

      Have a nice day my friend 😊

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  3. Great post with high vibrations! Thank you, Vihani! ❤
    Small things I enjoy ~
    ~ Reading and studying with hot black coffee 🙂
    ~ Writing, journaling, and blogging
    ~ Chanting (singing), especially along with CDs by Krishna Das
    ~ Meditating
    ~ Energy Healing
    ~ Hiking barefoot in nature
    ~ Spending time with my grown sons (ages 19 and 22)
    ~ High vibration plant-based living with my parents
    ~ Enjoying all the joy-sparking items in my colorful room!
    Cheers to the small things in life which help us to Happy Up and generate good energies! 🙂

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    1. Such a lovely list you have ❤️
      Thanks a lot for sharing this with me Teja. I pick hiking barefoot to add to my list, to give it a try on next week! So excited! Keep enjoying the little things and keel smiling always 🌼

      Have a wonderful day!

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      1. Yay, Vihani… I hope you enjoy the barefoot hiking… it’s such a deep connection with the sacred Earth!

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      2. Yes Teja it is! I tried it past few days and it feels wonderful! Thanks again for sharing this thought with me, it’s one of my favorite things now 💛


  4. Such an amazing post with an amazing message

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    1. Thank you very much Kamran
      Have a wonderful day 😊

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      1. You’re welcome, you too 👊

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    1. Thank you very much!
      Have a wonderful day 😊


      1. Thank you wish u d same

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    1. Thanks for reading and dropping a comment 😊


  5. Great post! Made me think of how people wait until they retire to enjoy their life. I find that absurd because people retire in their 70’s. Shouldn’t have to wait until then to start enjoying your life. What if you dont make it to then? You have to enjoy the now but be responsible. Life is short so you have to make the best of it when and while you can! Great post my friend ❤🌻🦋
    I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music, dancing, having a glass of wine while watching a movie, traveling, spending time with my family and my pup!

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    1. Ohh lovely list 💕 thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful list with me 😊 “You have to enjoy now but be responsible” you’ve said it just right!! Being responsible while enjoying life is so important. If we are not responsible, it can lead us into unnecessary issues.

      Have a wonderful day 💕


      1. You’re very welcome my friend ❤🦋🌻 Have a wonderful weekend

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  6. Great post and powerful message thank you..
    I enjoy reading,writting is my life,listening to music spending time with my family and watching movies…i love dancing contemporary but i am all fat now i don’t have the energy anymore..performing poetry is the love of my life

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    1. Love this list 💕 thank you very much for sharing it with me 😊 maybe give a try again on dancing? Even if you think the energy is not there, you might get it back if you try again? Performing poetry is so lovely, hope you keep enjoying all your days with these small yet wonderful things!!

      Keep smiling 😊🌹

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      1. Thank you,your reply has just made my day


  7. You are perfectly right…what we have is NOW! I do like to read and take long walks into the nature leaf 🍃🌸🌞

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    1. Hello Ribby! Thanks for sharing your thoughts 💕 I love them too! Long walk into the nature is sometimes the best feeling ever. We are so lucky, we can enjoy these small things that comes without any price tag! Hope you find healing and happiness by getting lost in nature every day 🍃😊

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      1. Very true! Every time I enjoy a walk into the nature, I’m very grateful I have the possibility to do it! Is priceless 🙂 It is my happy and relaxing place 🙂
        Wish you a wonderful weekend!


    1. Thank you very much for reading and your encouraging words! Have a wonderful day 😊


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