5 Easy Steps To Break A Bad Habit

All of us have had bad habits at some point in our lives. You could overcome some and others are still in your list of bad habits.

However, these bad habits have the power to

  • Waste your time
  • Drown you in frustration and darkness
  • Leave you unhealthy
  • Disturb your mental peace
  • Make you unorganized
  • Reduce your productivity
  • Waste your money

And the list goes on!

Bad habits can get deeply wired and addictive making it difficult for us to get rid of them. That’s why breaking such habits requires a lot of efforts, understandings, mindfulness and strength. It can be using social media too much, smoking, nail biting, watching television too often, leaving your room untidy, excessive drinking, taking drugs, speaking bad words, not taking care of your health and many more.

If you want to break any bad habit that’s been bothering you so far, start by follow these five easy steps.

1. Identify the bad habit and be clear why you want to break it

Just knowing it’s a bad habit doesn’t inspire us enough to completely break it in long run. That’s why you should have a strong and deep understanding about the importance of breaking it. You have to clearly identify its’ bad influences.

Study about the impacts of this bad habit. Talk to yourself, use articles, videos, podcasts and be crystal clear about why you must break it, how important it is to break it and all the positive outcomes you will gain by breaking it.

2. Plan how to break the bad habit by replacement it with a good habit

Now that you are clear about why you should break it, focus on “how to break”. It’s always beneficial to replace your bad habit with a good habit than avoiding or just giving up on it. Reason is, if you don’t have a replacement, there’s a possibility of you falling back into that bad habit again with both situational and environmental influences.

Therefore make sure you come up with a good habit as a replacement so that the time you spent on bad habit can now be spent with the good one.

3. Give yourself a goal of breaking the habit (with a specific time frame)

This is like a trail of shifting into your new life. Reason for setting a time frame is, when your goal has a limited time period, it usually inspires you to achieve it. You have a goal, a time frame, you want to know how it feels to live without this bad habit and now you are all excited about completion of this time frame. (Decide the time frame as you wish. Just don’t make it too short or too long)

4. Put it into action, break the bad habit

Replace the bad habit with good one. Experience it yourself. Enjoy the benefits of breaking it. These benefits will be both physical and mental. And complete the time frame.

5. Review progress, make necessary changes and set yourself free from the bad habit

At this point you have either successfully spent time frame or failed in between. If you were successful, GREAT! If failed, you have figured out what needs to be improved with the replaced habit. Just be patient with yourself, learn from the mistakes, don’t get stressed if you failed. Accept the failure and grow from it. Failure is another chance to begin again.

With that, the time has come to sharpen your courage, determination, understandings and to move forward. This journey may not be easy, but it’s all possible. According to “European Journal of Phycology” it takes average of 66 days for a behavior to change (time varies from 18 to 254 days) http://repositorio.ispa.pt/bitstream/10400.12/3364/1/IJSP_998-1009.pdf

Moreover, if you think you need professional support in this process, just obtain it. It can be a doctor who prescribes medicine, a counselor or any other professional. On the other hand, support from loved ones may also benefit. One good friend who’d truly listen to you, motivate you and guide you will make it easier for you to break your bad habits.

So starting from today, follow the five steps, make the first move, give it a try, split your bad habit/habits, experience the benefits and give yourself the happiness you deserve.

Stay determined. Stay strong. You are stronger than all the excuses you have. Change your life for the better. Yes you can!


24 thoughts on “5 Easy Steps To Break A Bad Habit

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  1. I am writing from my own life experience and this is only my opinion that doesn’t have to resonate with the post. Well, our subconscious mind is created the habit. To brake it the person has to become powerful in the mind and master the mind. To master the mind is to raise the vibration. When vibration is high the habits become weak and go away. Well, when people create a time frame and can’t achieve their goals in that period they become upset and depressed, there is no high vibration in it. For example give an alcoholic a month to break a habit, it’s really unachievable, took me more than six month to rid of excessive drinking. If I would put a time frame I would still been drinking. Anyway,
    I think that creating posts like that making such a great impact on people. They start to think about beginning to change. Thank you for sharing. 😊😊😊

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    1. I really appreciate you sharing ideas on this. And yes we have to master our mind and have self control in order to break or make any habit. The thing about some people is, when they are given a specific goal to achieve, they work hard to make it happen no matter what. It’s their hunger to achieve it that helps them succeed. With the understandings and self control they develop along the way of achieving it, they ultimately reach the high vibration which helps them break the bad habit for the rest of their lives. But just like you mentioned, this may not work the same way for some others. Instead of accepting the learning process, they get stressed.

      However the concept of “raising the vibration” is what’s truly there behind any good habit just like you mentioned. Reaching that vibration is what’s needed. And thank you very much for adding this great idea to the post. ♥️

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  2. I’ve found it helpful to write down the benefits of breaking the habit. When I finally quit smoking cigarettes for good, I made a list (using positive language) of benefits including breathing easier and saving money. It was years ago when cigarettes were one dollar a pack, so I saved one dollar a day in a jar for 2 months. Then I bought myself a wall tapestry I’d been admiring. Quitting smoking wasn’t easy, but it was so worth it!

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    1. That’s great! Yes writing down the benefits is another very effective method. I’ve read that when we see our thoughts in our hand writing, there’s a higher possibility of that idea getting into our mind, Ive tried the same and it really works! And it’s so nice to know that you could overcome your bad habit successfully for the better 😊 thank you for reading and sharing your experiences, may benefit someone who’s reading this ♥️

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  3. I have tired to break my sugar addiction. I tried so hard. I was doing so well for 3 months. All it took was a couple of bad decisions before relapsing and a few bites later, I’m back to square one.

    I’ve even written a blog post on “how to quit sugar for good”. Such a hypocrite I am 😔 sugar is like a drug and should really be classified as one. It’s SO HARD to quit. Sugar is in everything. I’m determined to try try again though…. once I finish this bag of candy.

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    1. It’s great that you have given a try! Do not just give up, your addiction is a bit difficult to get over as there’s a huge influence from outside to keep up that habit. But yes start from understanding the importance of breaking it, keep feeding your mind about that importance until the importance of braking the habit is just strongly sealed in your mind. Keep on trying, not giving up will take you to where you wish to be!!

      Have a wonderful day 😊


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